Acculon Energy


Your future is our business. In a constantly accelerating, energy-driven world, we propel our clients’ battery programs forward, faster. Harnessing our AI-driven design and validation, coupled with a fully automated manufacturing process, we are ready to handle your complex energy storage challenges, positioning you for success with our cutting-edge solutions.

Designed for Life

Acculon’s processes and products embody our enduring commitment to safety, quality, and the philosophy that battery systems are more than just a power source. Our energy storage systems are a user experience designed for work, play, and importantly, for life.


Advanced Battery System Architecture for OEMs

  • Cell chemistry and form factor agnostic
  • Modular BMS
  • Hardware and software flexibility
  • Safety built in at every level
  • Private label option


Battery Modules for Industrial and Commercial Applications

  • LFP or Sodium-ion
  • 24 V or 48 V
  • Module or pack-level
  • UL safety standards
  • White label option

Manufactured in Ohio.

With a scaled production capacity of 2GWh to begin mid-year, Acculon is positioned to power the electrification era with our multi-chemistry, AI-powered CORE battery system architecture and COTS battery products. Whether it is our modules, packs, or racks, everything at Acculon is designed, certified, and made in the USA.


Expertise drives success. We carry this belief through every detail of our business. From design to prototype to production, our advanced engineering teams unleash their mastery, experience, and curiosity to find the best solutions for your battery programs.

That means better designs.
Better solutions.
Better data.
Better results.

It’s our passion that powers our performance. Expertise isn’t just about having the right knowledge, it’s about having the right approach. Our approach yields better results with fewer risks while accelerating success, from start to scale.