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Acculon clients benefit from our expertise in conducting comprehensive testing procedures, navigating certification requirements, and ensuring compliance with industry standards. Acculon’s resources, experience, and ownership of unique battery testing facilities contribute to a streamlined and efficient process, resulting in reliable and compliant lithium battery modules and packs.

Performance Testing

Performance testing involves assessing the battery cell, module or pack’s functionality and performance characteristics under various operating conditions. Acculon conducts tests to measure parameters such as energy capacity, voltage output, power delivery, efficiency, cycle life, and charge/discharge behavior under a wide range of vocational conditions. Performance testing ensures that the battery pack meets the specified performance requirements outlined by the client.

Safety Testing

Safety testing focuses on evaluating the battery cell, module or pack’s safety features and performance to mitigate potential risks. Acculon works with specialized certifying labs to conduct tests to assess overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection, short circuit protection, thermal management, and resistance to abuse conditions. Safety testing helps identify any safety vulnerabilities and ensures that the battery cell, module, or pack complies with safety standards and regulations.

Environmental Testing

Environmental testing involves subjecting the battery module or pack to simulated environmental conditions to assess its durability, reliability, and performance under different temperature, humidity, vibration, and shock scenarios. Acculon conducts these tests to ensure that the battery pack can withstand and operate reliably in the intended application environment.

25-30% of OEM's capital expenditures (capex) will be related to battery-powered electric vehicles (BEV) from 2020-2025.
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The entire lithium-ion battery chain, from mining to recycling,
is projected to grow by over 30% annually from 2022 - 2030.
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Industrial manufacturers across sectors are targeting 45% overall electrification by 2035.
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to Scale

Through comprehensive testing, our engineers can evaluate factors such as capacity, cycle life, thermal management, and safety protocols to optimize battery pack design. Furthermore, testing allows for iterative improvements and validation of new technologies, reducing risks and accelerating the development of more efficient and durable battery packs, essential for advancing electrification and the transition to sustainable energy sources.

Robust testing is paramount in analyzing the true potential and performance of an energy storage system, ensuring reliability, efficiency, and safety.

Compliance with Regulations

Testing and certification informs compliance with relevant industry regulations and standards. Acculon ensures that the battery module or pack designs meet the requirements set by organizations such as Underwriters Laboratories (UL), International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), and other applicable standards. Compliance testing verifies that the battery cell, module, or pack adheres to safety, performance, and environmental regulations.

Documentation and Test Reports

Acculon generates comprehensive documentation and test reports that capture the details of the testing procedures, results, and observations. These documents serve as evidence of the battery cell, module, BMS or pack’s performance and compliance. They are crucial for obtaining certifications, demonstrating due diligence, and providing confidence to customers, regulatory authorities, and other stakeholders.

Certification Acquisition

Acculon collaborates with accredited certification bodies to obtain the necessary certifications for the battery module or pack. This typically involves submitting the test reports and documentation, undergoing an audit, and meeting the specific requirements of the certification process. Certifications, such as UL certification, CE marking, and other relevant certifications, provide assurance to customers that the battery module, BMS or pack meets safety and quality standards.

Ongoing Compliance Monitoring

Beyond initial testing and certification, Acculon can also offer ongoing compliance monitoring services. This involves staying updated with evolving regulations, standards, and industry requirements, ensuring that the battery module and pack design remains compliant over its lifecycle. Acculon can assist in periodic retesting, updates, or modifications to maintain compliance as regulations change.