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Acculon Energy Celebrates One-Year Anniversary!

This month, Acculon Energy celebrates our one year anniversary and the significant milestones achieved within our first year!

Contact: Betsy Barry
Communication Manager

Columbus, OH – Acculon Energy, a leading provider of battery system design, testing, and prototyping, proudly announces our one-year anniversary. Built from a 12-year legacy of battery testing and validation, we have established ourselves as a trusted partner and are bringing true state-of-the-art solutions to OEMs–and revolutionizing the landscape of energy storage with innovative solutions in the process.

From our very inception, Acculon has remained steadfast in our dedication to cutting-edge technologies and seamlessly integrating them into every aspect of product development. Our unwavering commitment to innovation translates to bespoke solutions that perfectly align with the escalating demand for lithium-ion battery programs. Acculon’s expertise in battery pack design, cell selection, and advanced, AI-enabled battery management systems (BMS) is leading the way in efficient and reliable energy storage solutions, from battery components to full systems, meeting the needs and exceeding the expectations of its OEM customers and their diverse applications.

It’s been a year of significant milestones, starting in June of 2022 when CAR Technologies, a tier-one advanced battery lab, and Technicity LLC’s battery prototyping and controls division combined to create Acculon Energy, Inc. Shortly after in August, Terex led a Series A investment in Acculon Energy, focusing on advanced battery programs of industrial and commercial OEMs. During the fall of 2022, we opened our Module Innovation Center on the campus in Columbus, Ohio. As 2023 commenced, Acculon’s design engineering organization expanded to over 30 engineers with specialties that span mechanical, electrical, thermal, BMS and controls, test engineering for OEM  battery design, prototyping, and certification programs. In January, the expansion of the state-of-the-art battery testing laboratory included 120 high-power, high-accuracy cell testing channels and 8 high-voltage, high-power module and pack testing channels for cell-to-module-to-pack validation and certification programs.

Spring of 2023 was eventful as well, as Acculon partnered with Ohio State University’s Center for Electron Microscopy and Analysis (CEMAS) to expand the team’s battery material and systems expertise. And perhaps most importantly, one year after our official launch, we accomplished an impressive feat by successfully developing low-voltage battery modules designed to UL2580 and tested to 9540A certification standards. The modular, scalable products are entering the go-to-market phase in Q1 2024 through Acculon’s white-label manufacturing solution. This rapid progress we’ve achieved showcases our commitment to innovation and excellence in the field of battery technology.

The amount of progress Acculon made in our first year sets a high standard for growth and quality of delivery.

– Andrew Thomas, 
Acculon Energy President

Moreover, our R&D efforts are in full swing as we continue to explore and create module designs catering to a diverse array of chemistries, as well as cylindrical, prismatic, and pouch form factors. This dedication to advancing battery technology will undoubtedly play a crucial role in shaping the future of various industries and applications.

Acculon Energy’s president, Andrew Thomas, states, “The amount of progress Acculon made in our first year sets a high standard for growth and quality of delivery.” He goes on to say, “The creative nature of Acculon’s employees and the collaboration with our clients, who are the best of the best, is not just being replicated, but is becoming a benchmark for exponential growth and excellence in our field.”

Looking ahead, Acculon is poised for further growth and expansion. We are going to invest in state-of-the-art facilities, expand our team, and forge strategic partnerships to broaden our range of offerings and cater to the evolving needs of our clients. By providing comprehensive engineering services, from concept design to prototype development and production support, Acculon is aiming to become the go-to partner for businesses seeking innovative and sustainable energy storage solutions.