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Acculon Energy and Forge Nano Partnership Announcement

Acculon Energy and Forge Nano Announce Partnership To Create Best In Class
Lithium-ion Batteries. 

Contact: Betsy Barry
Communication Manager

Acculon Energy, a developer and manufacturer of battery modules and packs is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Forge Nano, a prominent materials science company specializing in cutting-edge nano coating technology: Atomic Armor™. This collaboration will see Acculon Energy running ground-up battery system development for aerospace and defense applications, which benefit from Forge Nano’s high-performance cells with Atomic Armor™ technology. 

The partnership combines the engineering prowess of Acculon Energy with the advanced materials expertise of Forge Nano, all driven by the common goal of improving battery performance, safety, and longevity. By harnessing the strengths and knowledge of each company, this partnership aims to exceed the capabilities of commercially available modules through the utilization of cutting-edge cell technology and state-of-the-art systems integration.

Additionally, Acculon Energy and Forge Nano are committed to integrating the highest quality domestic components, cells, and advanced materials.

“It’s hard not to be impressed by what Forge Nano is achieving with ALD,” said Andrew Thomas, President of Acculon Energy. “With their cells and our capability in battery systems engineering and manufacturing, we hope to create some of the best batteries and the most satisfied customers in performance-critical applications.”

The companies plan to combine their unique strengths and expertise in their fields to create the most advanced, highest performing batteries possible. By working together, the companies will produce finished batteries that combine Acculon’s latest manufacturing techniques with Forge Nano’s materials science know-how and the application of Atomic Armor to manufacture next-gen battery packs.

Forge Nano’s Chief Technology Officer adds, “By working with forward thinking, innovative partners like Acculon, we can bring real change to market, faster than ever before. This partnership will enable the production of domestically sourced, high-end batteries and help get the US into a leadership position in the Li-ion market.”

 “By working with forward thinking, innovative partners like Acculon, we can bring real change to market, faster than ever before. “

– Chief Technology Officer,
Forge Nano

About Acculon:

Acculon Energy is a battery system developer and manufacturer. Built on decades of energy storage experience, insights, and technology, the Columbus, OH-based company provides an innovative end-to-end approach for accelerating market entry while minimizing risk during the commercialization process. From cell selection and pack design through prototyping and production, the firm combines its expertise in energy storage, AI, and IoT to drive the transition to next-generation lithium-ion solutions, from start to scale.

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About Forge Nano:

Forge Nano is a rapidly growing specialty chemical developer and product commercialization partner. The company has commercialized Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) technology for powders and has become the undisputed leader in materials science innovation and commercialization using ALD. Their commercial-scale ALD technology, known as Atomic ArmorTM, is being implemented worldwide, particularly in Li-ion batteries, where it is being used to improve product performance and reduce process costs. Forge Nano is committed to creating a robust and resilient North American supply chain for Li-ion batteries and is utilizing Atomic Armor to provide differentiation in cost, performance, and safety.

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