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Acculon Energy Partners with SafetyGPT: Battery Safety Meets GenAI

Generative AI is poised to accelerate innovation in every industry & electrification is no exception. Acculon is excited to lead the way in leveraging GenAI with a new partnership with SafetyGPT, which aims to revolutionize energy storage system safety!

Contact: Betsy Barry
Communication Manager

Acculon Energy Inc. is excited to announce a transformative partnership with SafetyGPT, a pioneering Generative AI company. This collaboration marks a significant step forward in the world of energy storage, as Acculon integrates SafetyGPT’s cutting-edge Generative AI technology to revolutionize battery system safety.

As the industry pursues a sustainable and electrified future, safety remains paramount. With increased electrification, robust safety measures are now even more crucial. SafetyGPT, a multifaceted functional safety solution, has the potential to revolutionize how we design, evaluate, and certify energy storage systems. Acculon is harnessing SafetyGPT’s potential to enhance its functional safety and safety certification processes, ensuring the delivery of safe, powerful, and reliable battery modules and packs to its OEM customers.

SafetyGPT offers a host of valuable benefits, with its most crucial aspect being the seamless integration of safety and product development within a single, precision-focused process, accelerating time-to-market. This ensures energy storage systems meet the highest safety standards for people, property, and the environment.

The key advantage for Acculon’s customers is the expedited certification process. Unlike the labor-intensive traditional methods, SafetyGPT streamlines certification, significantly reducing lead times by more than 50% and repetitive documentation costs by almost 80%. This enables OEMs to rapidly introduce their energy storage solutions to the market, meeting the growing demand for increasingly diverse energy applications, while simultaneously minimizing certification-related costs with tailored safety certification solutions.

SafetyGPT will play a pivotal role in the design verification and risk assessment process for battery and energy storage systems. Through lightning-fast data processing and advanced machine-learning algorithms, it proactively identifies and addresses safety concerns, offering real-time recommendations to ensure that critical safety standards and guidance are consistently met as much as 50% faster.

BJ Yurkovich, Acculon’s CTO states, “Acculon Energy’s AI-driven safety certification process represents a major milestone in the journey towards electrification. We are proud to be at the forefront of this transformation and look forward to collaborating with OEMs to help them navigate the labyrinth of safety certification standards with confidence, timeliness, and precision.”

The electrify-everything movement isn’t just about sustainability; it’s about innovation and using technology to enhance safety. Acculon’s mission is to prioritize safety in this transition. Together, Acculon and SafetyGPT are driving safety advancements that will revolutionize the industry. By predicting and mitigating risks, improving hazard analysis, and providing safety education, both companies are committed to making electrification safer.

“We are proud to be at the forefront of this transformation and look forward to collaborating with OEMs to help them navigate the labyrinth of safety certification standards with confidence, timeliness, and precision.”

– BJ Yurkovich,
Acculon CTO

About Acculon:

Acculon Energy is a battery system designer and manufacturer. Built on decades of energy storage experience, insights, and technology, the Columbus, OH-based company provides an innovative end-to-end approach for accelerating market entry while minimizing risk during the commercialization process. From cell selection and pack design through prototyping and production, the firm combines its expertise in energy storage, AI, and IoT to drive the transition to next-generation lithium-ion solutions, from start to scale.

About SafetyGPT:

SafetyGPT is a next-generation GenerativeAI platform that is a force multiplier for product development engineers. SafetyGPT enables engineers to become proficient functional safety practitioners in real time. SafetyGPT boasts a first-of-its-kind grounded GenerativeAI model suite designed to make generalized regulatory policies actionable for engineers designing products across a range of industries.