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Sodium-ion Battery R&D Insights: Capacity, Degradation, & Beyond

Graphic with Blue textured background including varous cylindrical battery cell graphics and the title of the Research PDF Sodium-ion Battery R&D Insights: Capacity, Degradation, and Beyond."

Is sodium-ion battery technology the next big innovation in Commercial & Industrial Electrification? Download our exclusive R&D Insights Report about this technology, primed to challenge lithium chemistries as a formidable alternative in cutting-edge energy storage solutions.

Power Play: Choosing the Right Cell Chemistry for Optimal Battery Design

Graphic with Orange and blue triangle overlays including the text "Lithium ion vs Sodium-ion: Choosing the Right Cell Chemistry. Groahics overlayed on an image of a person's hand working with battery equipment.

As new technology emerges, is lithium-ion still the best cell chemistry for all electric off-road industrial applications? Join us below as we explore the potential of sodium-ion vs lithium-ion cell chemistries, & examine the factors that influence cell selection in the context of advanced energy storage systems & electrification.

Sodium-ion Battery Technology: Research & Development Insights into Capacity, Degradation, & Beyond

Could sodium-ion battery technology be the next big innovation in Off-Road Industrial Electrification? Join us below as we unveil interesting findings from Acculon’s R&D endeavors regarding the performance of various commercially accessible sodium-ion battery cells! Contact: Betsy BarryCommunication Acculon’s ongoing research and development efforts are focused on our versatile battery system architecture, tailored to […]

Forging the Future: Inside Acculon’s Cutting-Edge Battery Testing Lab

Image of Acculon Energy's Cutting-edge Battery Testing Lab, with 3 Acculon Energy engineers pictured. Includes title of the blog article, "Forging the Future: Inside Acculon’s Cutting-Edge Battery Testing Lab."

Today we’re exploring the heart of innovation with Acculon’s state-of-the-art Battery Testing Lab. With precision testing equipment & a team of experts at the forefront of battery research, Acculon’s lab is more than just a facility—it’s a monument to our commitment to shaping the future of electrification!