Acculon Energy


Acculon has robust manufacturing capacity to meet the demands for safe, reliable, and sustainable energy solutions across a range of market segments. We have two state-of-the-art manufacturing lines designed and built in conjunction with PIA Automation, one of the world’s leading automation specialists in battery manufacturing. These lines have a combined capacity of 2 GWh for Acculon’s CORE battery system architecture and CORE components.

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We are ready to design, test, and manufacture your energy storage solution, from start to scale.

to scale

Efficient and scalable manufacturing processes are necessary to meet the growing demand for energy storage systems and drive down costs. Through innovative product development, our engineers can enhance battery pack design, optimize materials and components, and improve manufacturing techniques to maximize energy density, extend lifespan, and enhance overall performance and safety.

From start to scale, Acculon is committed to the right solution to streamline the production process.