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Unveiling the Powerhouse: Exploring Acculon Energy’s Cutting-Edge Battery Testing Laboratory

At Acculon Energy, we’re thrilled to highlight a pivotal facet of our operations: our cutting-edge battery testing laboratory.

Contact: Betsy Barry
Communication Manager

Today, we are excited to shed light on an essential aspect of our work at Acculon Energy: our state-of-the-art battery testing laboratory. As a leading engineering firm specializing in lithium-ion battery solutions, we take immense pride in our commitment to excellence, innovation, and ensuring the highest quality standards in energy storage and our testing laboratory is an important part of our expertise and capabilities.

At Acculon Energy, our battery testing laboratory is the beating heart of our research, development, and design efforts. It is here that we push the boundaries of battery technology, validate our solutions, and meticulously assess the performance, reliability, and safety of lithium-ion battery cells, modules, and packs.

Here’s Why Our Battery Testing Laboratory Sets Us Apart:

  • Since opening, the battery lab has been a tier-1 supplier to the automotive OEM and battery OEM industry.
  • We have counted Honda, Genie, LG Energy, Bosch Battery, JCI, SDI, DNV, Nikola, and other major automotive OEMs among our valued customers
  • Testing is performed by a team of highly experienced engineers with over 52 test programs involving over 54 SKUs (unique Li-ion cell types/cell chemistries) completed.
  • Highlights include:
    • Completed Durability and Product Validation on LG Chem RU pack (Chrysler Pacifica PHEV) and LG Chem GSW pack (4 x e powertrain, found in Jeep Renegade and other vehicles)
    • Product Validation on LG Chem 48V mild hybrid pack (Dodge RAM eTorque)
    • Romeo Power 48V module characterization for FCA
    • 48V Ultra Capacity Pack design and validation development pack for FCA
  • Comprehensive Testing Capabilities: Our laboratory is equipped with a wide range of specialized testing equipment, allowing us to conduct thorough assessments across various battery parameters, including capacity, voltage, temperature, cycle life, safety, and more.
  • All testing is controlled by proprietary software maintained and updated by laboratory engineers.

Our testing lab stands as a cornerstone of our capabilities. Within its walls, we embark on groundbreaking advancements in battery technology, validate solutions, and rigorously evaluate […] lithium-ion battery components.

Here’s Even More Reasons Why Our Battery Testing Lab Sets Us Apart:

  • We use an independent data acquisition system designed and maintained in-house with NIST traceable calibrations. This data boasts measurement uncertainties of ±15 mA, less than 1 mV, and ±0.1℃.
  • All cell cycler channels are capable of 400 A charge and discharge at up to 8 V and module/pack cycler channels are capable of 445 V and ±125 kW.
  • Temperature management is handled through the use of environmental chambers and/or Peltier Temperature Controller.
  • Controlled Testing Environment: We have implemented stringent environmental controls to ensure accurate and reliable testing results. Our laboratory maintains precise temperature, humidity, and atmospheric conditions to simulate real-world scenarios and deliver accurate performance data.
  • Customized Testing Protocols: We understand that each battery solution is unique. Therefore, our experienced team of engineers works closely with clients to design and execute customized testing protocols, tailored to meet specific application requirements and industry standards.
  • Data-Driven Insights: Our laboratory’s capabilities extend beyond testing. We employ advanced data analysis techniques to extract valuable insights from the testing results. This empowers us to optimize battery performance, identify potential areas of improvement, and drive innovation in energy storage technology.
  • Commitment to Safety: Safety is our top priority. Our Battery Testing Laboratory adheres to the strictest safety protocols, ensuring the protection of our team members, clients, and the environment throughout the testing process.

By investing in our testing laboratory, we are strengthening our ability to provide our clients with safe, efficient, and high-performing lithium-ion battery solutions. Whether it’s developing batteries for electric vehicles or non-auto applications, we are dedicated to delivering the utmost reliability and performance.

Together with our clients, we are continuing to drive the energy storage industry forward, pushing the boundaries of innovation and delivering sustainable solutions for a brighter future.