Acculon Energy

Battery Program Customization for Battery System Optimization

At Acculon Energy, we understand the importance of having a tailored energy storage system that’s safe, has longevity, & capable of optimizing application performance based on its specific requirements. Learn more below about our energy storage solutions designed for industrial & commercial applications.

Contact: Betsy Barry
Communication Manager

In the dynamic landscape of electrification, the development of custom energy storage solutions stands as a market differentiator for organizations looking to bring innovation, safety, and sustainability to their commercial and industrial applications. The customization of energy storage systems allows for tailored approaches that optimize performance based on an application’s specific requirements, which translates into better customer user experiences and product loyalty. 

At Acculon Energy, we have transformed the process of energy storage customization into a product development philosophy–a philosophy centered around the idea that battery systems should be designed for life, the life cycle of the system itself, and the lives of those who depend on commercial and industrial applications that we power for both work and play.

We recently introduced our CORE Components modules, in 24v and 48v, available in both Na+ and LFP chemistries, but these battery modules do not make up the entirety of our product offerings but are rather one aspect of our larger system-level approach to battery pack-level design.

Our battery program philosophy comes to life through our CORE System Architecture, embodying enhanced safety, optimization, and resilience, all while paving the way for a greener and more sustainable future. The system is modular, expandable, and scalable, designed for maximum adaptability and a unique use experience that includes monitoring and data capture. 

For some energy storage solutions, you start with a given cell chemistry or form factor and module, then figure out how to accommodate the application’s requirements.  At Acculon, we begin with your application’s requirements. For example, will your application be operating in extreme temperatures? Are there weight or physical space constraints that impact the battery system? These questions and ones like them inform the design right down to cell selection–and based on decades of testing in our world-class battery lab, we know that cell selection is pivotal to optimal battery system design.


Acculon’s energy storage solutions, CORE Components & CORE Architecture, are designed to bring innovation, safety, & sustainability to industrial & commercial applications. 


The pillars of our CORE system are:

  • Safety Comes First, Always
  • AI-powered design, From Start to Scale
  • Exceptional Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)
  • Flexible Form & Function for Power/Energy Requirements
  • Dynamic Cell Chemistry Selection
  • Designed for Life

Our CORE system accommodates up to 18S modules, connectable in series/parallel, boasting flexible reconfiguration without changing the mechanics of the architecture. The modular-level features reduce hardware complexity and adapt to different cell chemistries through software adjustment. CORE includes state-of-the-art safety features like thermally isolated cells, individual cell fusing, and module-level current measurement–all designed to prevent propagation from cell to cell. The Battery Management System (BMS) is the heart of the system architecture. This smart BMS tracks battery life, health, and power output in real-time, ensuring optimal performance through advanced monitoring capabilities. Additionally, a cloud-connected telemetry system unlocks seamless integration with existing fleet and grid management software, providing operational information that OEMs can use to extract data-driven insights. The granular, system-level monitoring grants a previously unprecedented level of real-time insight into battery operation, guaranteeing robust protection and extended life.

Acculon’s CORE System Architecture is a recognition that batteries, as in all things, have a beginning, middle, and end–and the lifecycle of our system is a priority. We design a full-battery experience that spans a generation, not simply a year or two. CORE understands that our products have a long useful life, hallmarked by changes in the state of health, environment, and even application requirements. CORE is designed for second-life usage and to eventually re-circulate as new batteries through partner recyclers. In other words, we design for life–the life of the battery and more importantly, the lives of the people who rely on the commercial and industrial applications that we power.