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Enabling “Made in America” for a Secure Energy Future: The Significance of Domestic Battery Management Systems

In this article, we explore the importance of producing domestic Battery Management Systems (BMS) to contribute to the development of safe & reliable BMS solutions. 

Contact: Betsy Barry
Communication Manager

The global energy storage market has witnessed remarkable growth in recent years, and when coupled with electrification, the need for efficient and reliable Battery Management Systems (BMS) has become a front-burner issue. However, as energy storage and electrification converge, trends show offshore BMS and control software dominate critical industry sectors. To mitigate cybersecurity risks and protect against supply chain vulnerabilities, it is imperative to prioritize the development and utilization of domestic BMS and software solutions. In this post, we delve into the importance of enabling “Made in America” in battery management systems, with a focus on in-house designed Battery Management Systems at Acculon.

The Importance of Domestic Battery Management Systems

There are several important considerations surrounding domestic and onshoring efforts in the production of a safe, reliable BMS. A BMS governs battery pack optimization, which, in turn, allows for ensuring that your energy storage system is maximizing its potential.

Enhancing Security: The reliance on offshore BMS hardware and control software raises significant cybersecurity concerns, particularly in industry sectors managing sensitive information and critical infrastructure, like the military and power grids, for example. By embracing domestic solutions, we can minimize the risk of unauthorized access and cyber-attacks, fortifying the security of our vital systems.

Protecting National Interests: Dependence on foreign suppliers for both BMS hardware and software leaves us vulnerable to supply chain disruptions, geopolitical tensions, and trade disputes. The trade disruptions over the last few years are a prime example of this. Embracing “Made in America” BMS solutions reduce our reliance on external sources, safeguards our national interests, and ensures continuity in the face of potential challenges.

Driving Technological Innovation: In-house BMS development fosters technological innovation and advancements. By investing in domestic talent and expertise, we can push the boundaries of battery management systems, enhancing efficiency, performance, and functionality. This innovation not only benefits local industries but also bolsters the competitiveness of the entire nation.

Embracing “Made in America” BMS solutions reduce our reliance on external sources, safeguards our national interests, and ensures continuity in the face of potential challenges.


Acculon’s Battery Management Systems represent a promising domestic solution that addresses the need for safe, reliable, and secure BMS hardware and software options. Developed in-house, Acculon Battery Management Systems offers several advantages that make them compelling choices for various industries and industrial applications:

Enhanced Security Measures: Acculon’s BMS options place a paramount emphasis on security. By controlling the entire development process, from hardware to software, the system incorporates robust design and encryption protocols that minimize the risk of security breaches. This comprehensive approach ensures the protection of critical systems from potential hacking and cybersecurity vulnerabilities.

Customization and Adaptability: Acculon’s In-house BMS development provides the flexibility to tailor a specific system to meet specific industry needs. Acculon’s BMS design team can customize hardware and software to accommodate different battery chemistries, configurations, and integration requirements, ensuring optimal performance and compatibility for our customers.

Dedicated Support and Reliability: By relying on a domestic BMS solution like Acculon, businesses can benefit from readily available technical support and expertise. This support network ensures prompt troubleshooting, maintenance, and continuous improvement, enabling seamless operations and long-term reliability.

Economic Impact: Enabling “Made in America” BMS solutions contribute to the growth of domestic industries, creating job opportunities and fostering economic development. By investing in local manufacturing and supply chains, we can stimulate the economy while fostering a sustainable future.

The paradigm of domestic BMS solutions is not solely about security, economic development, and energy self-reliance; it’s about unleashing the power of innovation across a range of industries, propelling the entire nation toward global competitiveness.