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Understanding Battery Aging Parameters

Image of a stethoscope & a battery in front a blue and orange background with the title of the article "Understanding Battery Aging Parameters: Aging of Lithium-ion Batteries

Join us this week as we discuss Li-ion Battery Aging Factors & how through understanding these factors we can mitigate risks, optimize performance, & prolong the lifespans of the batteries powering your products!

Sodium-ion Battery Technology: Research & Development Insights into Capacity, Degradation, & Beyond

Could sodium-ion battery technology be the next big innovation in Off-Road Industrial Electrification? Join us below as we unveil interesting findings from Acculon’s R&D endeavors regarding the performance of various commercially accessible sodium-ion battery cells! Contact: Betsy BarryCommunication Acculon’s ongoing research and development efforts are focused on our versatile battery system architecture, tailored to […]

Understanding Interconnectivity: Wire Bonding vs. Laser Welding

Acculon Energy Team Member Working with Ultrasonic Wire Bonding Machinery.

Today we are discussing designing & creating lithium-ion battery packs for electric vehicles & industrial applications, focusing on the interconnections of the battery cells & the cell-to-busbar connections. Come along as we delve into the two primary techniques involved in this process, laser welding & ultrasonic welding/wire bonding.

Battery Program Customization for Battery System Optimization

Graphic of Acculon Energy's Battery Program Customization philosophy going from application needs (Industrial equipment like cranes & lifts) in order to determine the types of battery modules which all determine the type of cell chemistry that is used.

At Acculon Energy, we understand the importance of having a tailored energy storage system that’s safe, has longevity, & capable of optimizing application performance based on its specific requirements. Learn more below about our energy storage solutions designed for industrial & commercial applications.